Air Jordan 2+

Air Jordan has always been epitomized by the Air Jordan 1 model from 1985, that single-handedly created the modern sneaker culture as we know it. But the more the merrier, as they say, and there are a lot more Air Jordans just waiting to be put on the top of your wish list.
Probably the two rarest models of all Air Jordans are the collaborations with rap star Eminem on the Air Jordan 4 and with the LA-based sneaker store Undefeated. Undefeated became the first sneaker shop ever to make a collab with the Jordan Brand, resulting in the army green celebrity known as Air Jordan 4 Retro UNDFT (it takes some deep pockets to cop it for your collection today (if you are lucky enough finding a seller)).

The design genius behind Off-White, Virgil Abloh, have put both the Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 5 through his unique process of deconstructing old classics - and they’re both on their way to becoming the avant-gardes of the entire Jordan series. Everything cult rapper Travis Scott touches seems to turn to gold and his designs on the Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 6 are no exception to the rule.

So even though the Air Jordan 1 has always been the most noisy and popular kick on the block, there is a lot to be seen when expanding your horizon. And the whole Air Jordan 2+ collection is definitely a horizon worth looking into.