x Sacai

Silhouettes like you’ve never seen them before. Some of the most experimental sneakers in recent years. Created in collaboration between Nike and Japanese fashion-brand Sacai. On its way to become a modern classic.
The Sacai Waffle LD has been launched in some of the most funky and crisp colorways out there, while the Sacai Blazer successfully reinterprets the classic basketball silhouette, making sure the next generation knows where it all began. In 2021 we’ve seen interesting three-way collabs with CLOT, Undercover and fragment design.

The innovative designs, colorways, and materials make the collab a controversial one. It’s not a shoe for everyone, with its unique silhouettes, sharp colorwars, and deconstructed soles in a double layer. But no matter how you slice it, one thing’s for sure: the collaboration between Nike and Sacai has raised the bar for the future of sneakers, by reinterpreting the past.

Maybe Nike x Sacai is exactly what would happen if the past and future had a baby together. So let’s pray that there’ll be more time for some netflix n’ chill in the years to come. We’ll happily wait nine months for the next drop.