A basket classic. A skate classic. A fashion classic. A forgotten classic. Nike Dunk has had its highs and lows. In 2020 it plunged into the mainstream market.
The resell market quickly starts trading the new drip and if you can spell ‘hype,’ now would be a good time to do it: 2005 sees the drop of probably the most iconic Nike Dunk to date, Jeff Staples’ Pigeon (the police was massively attending the release to protect the extremely limited 150 pairs - and all of the sudden, sneakers became breaking news all over the US).

But most highs are followed by a low - and Nike Dunk is no exception to that rule. The sale racks were once again stocked and only the most dedicated sneakerheads kept chasing rare Nike Dunks in dusty garages.

In the true spirit of Nike Dunk, it would take another genius collab to get the hard-tried icon back on its feet - and ours: Travis Scott x Nike sees the day of light. With his psychedelic designs, Travis Scott has once again recreated a classic.

2020 was a shitty year for maybe all but Nike Dunk, which is once again back on top - living the high life.