adidas Yeezy

Yeezy is on fire. Created by hip-hop mogul Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas; Yeezy-brand has since its launch in ‘15 created campouts at sneaker shops all over the world. Rare and innovative in exactly the right way. 

Today, more than five years later, Yeezy’s still synonymous with innovative and experimental sneakers that redefine conventions and break rules; both Yeezy 380 and Yeezy 500 are prime examples of just how futuristic and unorthodox Kayne and Adidas can be. Fast forward to the Yeezy 700 collection, and you get a glimpse of how a chunky dad shoe-vibe can plunge directly into one of the hottest trends of our time, leaving sneaker shops with empty shelves all over the world. 

The choice of material on a Yeezy is by no means random. The soles on most collections are made up by Adidas’ patented Boost technology while it’s upper consists of a one-piece knitted fabric, namely the revolutionary Primeknit technology. So when people tell you that Yeezys are the most comfortable sneaker on the market, they mean business. 

Kayne’s still going at it, Yeezys are dropping at a rapid pace, and there’s no doubt that he’ll keep on writing history - just to rewrite it again.